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Exposure to risk is a concern when buying or selling a home or developing real property. Litigation may be necessary when terms of a contract are violated. The Young Law Firm of Florida represents clients who are confronted with real estate disputes both before and after the sale of property. Whether a dispute involves environmental contamination, financing, or the title or deed to a home, we are ready to help.

When Litigation is Necessary to Resolve a Real Estate Dispute
The Young Law Firm of Florida is here to help you with the following real estate issues:

• Failure to disclose condition of house – faulty construction – leaky basement/roof -property liens;
• Disputed title or deed – condominium covenants – escrow account disputes – home purchase agreements;
• Environment impact studies – land use/zoning disputes – contamination of soil or water;
• Blight/eminent domain actions

Reading What is Contained in the Contract 
At Young Law Firm of Florida, we understand that real estate contracts can be complicated and confusing. This can be especially true when commercial development and real estate investments are involved. We will thoroughly review your real estate contracts in an effort to determine their possible exposure to liability and obligations that may have been placed on them through the terms of a contract. We review applicable case law and advise our clients of their legal options.

In cases which may involve environmental pollution, defective workmanship or a failure to disclose property conditions, we interview witnesses, gather evidence, and document bad faith practices on the part of real estate agents if involved.


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