Matthew Perry’s Legacy: The Fate of a ‘Friends’ Star’s Fortune and the Importance of Estate Planning.

Nov 20, 2023 | Wills, Trusts & Estates

Matthew Perry’s substantial wealth, which includes an estimated yearly royalty of $20 million from ‘Friends’, is expected to be inherited by his relatives.

Regrettably, Perry was single and childless at his death, which implies his surviving parents are likely to inherit the bulk of his assets and ongoing royalties.

His siblings stand to inherit next, following his parents.

Authorities were called to Perry’s residence in Pacific Palisades for a potential ‘water rescue’. Upon arrival, they found the 54-year-old actor unresponsive in his hot tub.

It’s suspected he drowned, with further details pending from an autopsy and toxicology report. Prescription medications for depression and anxiety were found at his home, but no illegal drugs were reported.

With Perry’s death, attention turns to his substantial financial assets, including his significant ‘Friends’ royalties.

Los Angeles entertainment lawyer Tre Lovell mentioned the possibility of a private trust, or alternatively, a will that would be subject to probate court proceedings. In the absence of these, a statutory process would determine his heirs.

Given Perry’s marital status and lack of children, his parents are poised to divide his estate, followed by his siblings, should the parents predecease him.

No probate case has yet been filed in Los Angeles County. Typically, the next of kin would initiate such a process. Given Perry’s past opiate addiction and a close brush with death, it is speculated that his advisors might have recommended setting up a trust or will.

It is surmised that such preparations were likely made.